Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Haven't updated in a month. MKoK is trash. PotterCast is going on tour and I don't have a computer for July and August. An HP conference that the Leaky Muggers are going to is finally in my country, but hundreds of miles away from me.

Thanks, karma.

Anyway, I entered the JKR and the Moonlight Signing contest. Maybe I'll win, maybe I won't. I'm thinking probably the latter.

Finally gotten over PotterCast not calling me back. I sent in a story for Melissa's book, though, and she got back to me--Said she liked it. I'm not resentful it took awhile to reply; I understand Melissa's a busy woman, with Leaky and PotterCast and this summer and--


It's here! The Summer of 7 is finally here, and I'm thoroughly stoked. Computer or not, WE HAVE A BOOK, A MOVIE, A VIDEO GAME, AND NOW A THEME PARK TO LOOK FORWARD TO?

To take a quote from Leaky's poll: "I'm going to combust in a shiny white ball of excitement. Thanks, WB and Jo, for killing me."

To talk a bit more about PotterCast, well, Sad pandas, everyone: o more Conundrums! It was wrapped up in PC 91 and now... Well, I'm a little sad, I am. I've actually got people at my school saying "Sad pandas" and "Aww, it's the end," at the end of classes and stuff.

And this is a lengthy and boring blog post with no entertainment value whatsoever. So, go to YouTube and watch "slytherin nail", Vote for PotterCast and SpinnersCast on Podcast Alley, and have a GREAT SUMMER!


PS. PotterCast, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MOVIE TRAILER BLOG CHALLENGE? I'm gonna repost my video, just to be sure that it gets seen. Just in case it's still on. *wink*