Thursday, December 21, 2006

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

It's official, people--The title of Book Seven!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was the title released to a number of fans (Including yours truly) who finally got their chance to open the Do Not Disturb door on After a difficult(ish) puzzle to solve, we were treated to a wonderful game of HangMan, where you had to guess the answer to "Harry Potter and the _______ _______". As of now it is still open to do the challenge, so get over there and solve it for yourself!

To discuss this title with other fans, go to this board on the Leaky Lounge.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

PotterCast #68: Happy Holidays Part 1

Well, it ws an unusual show this week, with a BIG LONG Wizard Rock segment. It's always good to hear from the wizard rockers, though, so I was pretty happy. :)

There was apparently a little problem with the news this week, and PotterCast editor Jeff, on the comments at, said he fixed it. Good thing, too, I felt like I was listening to #66 all over again.

And then there were filks. All of them were absolutely AMAZING. Personally I liked "Do You Hear What I Hear?" which told of Colin Creevey spreading the latest news on Mr. Harry Potter, the best. It was QUITE amusing.

Verfy good show, and I can't wait for the next batch of filky goodness on 69!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Which PotterCast host are you?

I recently made a quiz on called Which PotterCast Host are you? Find out whether you are most like Melissa Anelli, John Noe, or Sue Upton.

It's pretty good. Not great, but good. Here's the link:


Update: In Comments, tell me what you think of the quiz and what YOUR result was. Apparently I'm John...I dunno if I like that idea. :S (JK John, if you're reading this)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Welcome, Welcome, to another PotterCast

I finally figured out how to get a PotterCast player or two onto me blog, so now you can all listen to PotterCast without too much trouble.

Happy PotterCast!

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Friday, December 15, 2006


Whoa. Just got a HUGE theory on the locked room in the Ministry. Everybody's saying the following:

What lies in the room is PROBABLY (not sure if it is confirmed or not) "something that is at the same time more terrible and wonderful than death".

I believe (Although I could be mistaken) that, somewhere back in the land of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Dumbledore said "Many men have wasted away in front of this mirror. While it is wonderful to see what we dearly desire, it does not do to dwell on dreams" or something like that, about a certain Mirror of Erised.

I sat there after PotterCast last week thinking...What if, and this is just my theory, in this locked room is the Mirror and that when we go there in the seventh book, Voldemort will see that what his deepest desire is, is to be loved by someone. That will be his downfall and Harry will defeat him there and then.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

PotterCast #67: Attend the tale of PotterCast

Ah, Melissa John and Sue have amazed once again with a fantastic new episode of PotterCast, the amazing Harry Potter podcast!

In this episode, we heard from a teacher who helped introduce a group of reluctant students into the Harry Potter books, an interesting Canon Conundrums about the locked room in the Ministry, and some pantsless John stories...very disturbing.

So go download it. Now. and click Direct Download. Trust me, it's for your own good.

All in all one of the better episodes in my opinion. Can't wait for #68!

HP5 Movie Countdown

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Who will die in Book 7?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the HP Fandom. I must say, I've thought about this a lot since HBP came out last year and I've come to some conclusions.
I'm going to list some characters and say if I think they'll live or not, then state my reason for thinking that.

Harry Potter
-I think he's going to...die. Unfortunately. All my fellow fans will hate me for this, but I'm a big supporter of the "Harry is a horcrux" theory and will have to kill himself to save the world from Voldy. I'm not going to get into huge details about why I think that, though, because that will take forever. (If you want my reasoning, PM me on the Leaky Lounge, username BrettMac)

Ron Weasley
-I think he's gonna live. My reason for thinking so is that I just can't see why he would die, as it would be a very big stretch for Jo to use him as bait to lure Harry into cracking and attacking Voldemort. So yes, Ron will live.

Hermione Granger
-Live, no doubt about it.

Ginny Weasley
-I think she'll die, actually. What Harry said to her at the end of Book 6 made me feel that we are going to see Ginny used as bait for Harry again. As much as I hate the thought of it, I don't think Ginny will see the end of Book Seven.

Minerva McGonagall
-I'll bet she lives, although I'm not quite sure. I could see her as a potential victim as Headmistress of Hogwarts (If the school does reopen, that is), but it took years for Voldemort to get Dumbledore so maybe McGonagall has a chance.

Sybill Trelawney
-Ooh, tough one. I think she may die, because Voldemort might possibly try to get the prophecy out of her and fail miserably. But then, if she stays at Hogwarts, I think McGonagall will be able to protect her.

Horace Slughorn
-I don't think he'll play much of a role in Book Seven , if any. He's served his purpose in the series, and that was to get Snape in the DADA role.

Severus Snape
-Die, die, die, die, die. He's put himself in a place that, even if he is loyal to Dumbledore, he's dead anyways. If he's a Death Eater, then the good guys'll kill him; if not, then Voldemort will have his head for treason.

-Hm, that's a tough one as well. I think he'll probably die, but Harry will have to sacrifice himself for it to happen.

There we go. Also, look at my Book Seven cover that I made myself--amazing what a Google search and five minutes on Paint can do for you, huh?


Well, I thought I'd post a bit about PotterCast here.
Best podcast ever. I must say, every time a new episode comes out, I basically sit there screaming at myself to listen to it now. Then I laugh for an hour or so and listen to it again the next night.

My favorite segment? Canon Conundrums, of course. Plenty of discussion and great information for all of us people who would love to research the books but just can't find the time.

But what I think I like best about PotterCast is that you feel like you really know the hosts, like you're really talking with Melissa, Sue and John about Harry Potter.

If you're a Potter fan and don't listen to Pottercast, download it. NOW. Seriously, right this minute.

If you aren't a Potter fan, download it anyway. You'll surely get a kick out of it one way or another.

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