Saturday, December 9, 2006


Well, I thought I'd post a bit about PotterCast here.
Best podcast ever. I must say, every time a new episode comes out, I basically sit there screaming at myself to listen to it now. Then I laugh for an hour or so and listen to it again the next night.

My favorite segment? Canon Conundrums, of course. Plenty of discussion and great information for all of us people who would love to research the books but just can't find the time.

But what I think I like best about PotterCast is that you feel like you really know the hosts, like you're really talking with Melissa, Sue and John about Harry Potter.

If you're a Potter fan and don't listen to Pottercast, download it. NOW. Seriously, right this minute.

If you aren't a Potter fan, download it anyway. You'll surely get a kick out of it one way or another.

Click here for episodes and info;
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to subscribe via iTunes, and click here to use this player on your space and win prizes!

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