Monday, December 18, 2006

Which PotterCast host are you?

I recently made a quiz on called Which PotterCast Host are you? Find out whether you are most like Melissa Anelli, John Noe, or Sue Upton.

It's pretty good. Not great, but good. Here's the link:


Update: In Comments, tell me what you think of the quiz and what YOUR result was. Apparently I'm John...I dunno if I like that idea. :S (JK John, if you're reading this)


Anonymous said...

Hey ya! Good to find another PotterCast fan! I heart this show, however, when taking the quiz I got the...oh the shame..."You are a Mugglecaster" sign.
I have been into PotterCast since Pottercast number 35. Do you know by chance where can I get the older ones? Thanks, bye...and keep the conundrums...Squee!!

Anonymous said...

Funny.... I'm most like Melissa. Although I haven't really heard of PotterCasts before. Eh..... I need to go to more places on the internet instead of websites and Google. >.<

Anonymous said...

hi brett!
i took your quiz, i'm john:D

Anonymous said...

Hi. I took your quiz. I too am John.