Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Congratulations Melissa! (And some PC talk, too)

I only just listened to PotterCast 78, and I have to say I really enjoyed hearing Jenna talk about Equus. It would be cool to see, but I don't live anywhere near London and I'm not really a theater person, anyway. :)

The Canon Conundrums was incredible, as usual. It really planted some new thoughts in my head as to the life of Vapormort, and while I love John's Grindelwald/Deathly Hallows theory I really can't see it happening. Would Jo really name her last book after something like that?

But my favorite part of the cast didn't come until the end. I'd like to send out a big, BIG congratulations--

--to Melissa! She has been accepted to publish a book about the HP fandom with Simon and Schuster (I think that's what she said...I'll listen again and clarify) and I'm absolutely ecstatic for her. I'm so, SOOO excited to read the book whenever it is released, hopefully within the next year or two :) . I almost screamed when I heard it, I've been wanting something like this to be published forever and now one of my three favorite podcasters in the world has done it. Once again, congrats!

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