Friday, January 19, 2007

PotterCast # 72: The Ultra Megazord Mailbag Edition

What a great episode.

What else can I say? This probably has to be the best PotterCast episode I've listened to EVER. One gigantic mailbag segment filled the hour with lots of perplexing theories, including a very significant one about Godric's Hollow...

The theory states that Harry is the person who was outside his parents' house on the night of their deaths. This is because, on Halloween of (Oh my God, what year was it?) 1997, I think, Harry used a time-turner to return to the night of his parents' demise. He was the one who informed Dumbledore to go find baby Harry at the house.

Our dear Sue then proceeded to add another bit to the theory by explaining why Snape feels such hatred for Harry: because Snape knew of this older Harry coming to the past before Harry himself knew it, and so hated having to keep the secret.

This also explains why Dumbledore allowed Harry to do all those dangerous things at Hogwarts. Because he knew that Harry would be all right, that he wouldn't die, because he had seen seventeen-year-old Harry in the past.

Well, my head now officially hates PotterCast for making it hurt so badly. That should be their new slogan: "PotterCast: Making people get migranes since 2005!" Lol, can't wait for 73.

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