Sunday, April 15, 2007

HP Dreams, PC 84, and why you should never eat pizza before going to bed

*sighs* Well, well, well.... I was NOT on PotterCast. Of course, the show screwed up, and then they didn't call me again, and... *headdesk* But that's okay! I mean, hey... Maybe... erm...

Anyway. Good show even if I wasn't on it. And as for the other call-ins... meh, they had some pretty good theories. I guess. I'm just a little disappointed is all. Really.

Anyhoo, I had a dream the other night that it was July 21st, and I had missed the release party (gasp!). I was at a bookshop to pick up DH, and they had only a few copies leftover from the night before. I was trying to decide whether I should get the deluxe or normal edition, when I flipped open the front pages to find that there was one chapter in the entire book, entitled "Harry and Voldemort have tea with Dobby" and it was a 784-page-long description of the lovely tablecloth Dobby had chosen for the occasion. All the copies were the same. I woke up almost in tears, and vowed to never, EVER eat pizza before going to bed again.

Yeah. Not fun. That was the night after I listened to 84, too... *grumble* PotterCast has failed me... And still, no blog challenge results. Guys, I gotta know if I won! I spent hours...erm, minutes on that trailer! I need to know if my work was appreciated in the proper way. :)

And about MKoK--I'll update soon. It's very hard to write with a million tons of disappointment weighing me down. (Yes, that's right, you can blame PotterCast for a lack of updates. Sorry, guys, but I'm a little bummed, if you didn't already guess. Seeing as you called me at the screw-up show, then ot again... Blehgh.)

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